February You Beauty Box Review

Hey Loves, Can you believe it's March? This year is just flying past.  My You Beauty Box arrived last week and boy is it a good one. As usual I got my Gold Box costing £10.95. Which entitles me to 4 choices. Versus the Silver choice of 3 products and the Bronze choice of 2 … Continue reading February You Beauty Box Review

The Top Five Things, Not To Say To Someone With An Invisible Illness.

Happy Monday Loves, As someone who suffers with chronic health issues. I've been told a thousand different ways, by a thousand different people. How all my problems could be solved by spin classes, kale and positive thinking. Whilst I appreciate that there is a lot of power in positive thinking, good diets and low BMI's. They … Continue reading The Top Five Things, Not To Say To Someone With An Invisible Illness.

Life Update

So you might have noticed. I've absolutely sucked at consistent blogging, these past few weeks. Haven't I... My pizzaz likes to abandon me a lot. Especially the minute my health, or life gets in the way. I struggle to find enough focus for all aspects. This past month has been crazy busy. Chronic fatigue has kicked … Continue reading Life Update

Managing & Treating Cystic Acne. My Regime. 

Hey Loves, My goodness life has been crazy of late!  Having chronic health issues, any changes to my carefully coordinated schedule. Can have massive repercussions on my health.  Holidays are usually some of the worst times. Multiplying overactivity  with later nights, no rest and not eating properly. Equals a very worn out Spoonie.  Getting Nas … Continue reading Managing & Treating Cystic Acne. My Regime.